Problems with BFS 0.422

The latest version of BFS has a strange effect on my box here. The first time i got aware of it was when i ran apt-get update (debian way of sync’ing package lists) which worked normal up to the point of reading local package lists from disk. It was horribly slow. Normally, it needs ~5 seconds to complete, this time it ran for several minutes but I/O-utilization was 100% (using top/iotop). And the sound of the disk was different too.

A more repeatable test: dd if=/dev/zero of=dd_disk_test bs=123K count=5000 needed 112 seconds which sums up to 5.6 MB/s – way to slow. The same test with a different disk, a 128 GB SSD had twice the rate, 9.7 MB/s, but way to slow too. No other sign of wrong-doing, everything else was fine. Changing the kernel did the trick. Same Version, linux-3.4.1, but without BFS runs fine: same test completed in 5 seconds (124 MB/s). At the moment i have no glue how to dig into the problem to find the root of it.

/edit: nope, it’s back. After a certain amount of uptime i saw the problem with a vanilla kernel too. (10.6.12)